The Many Faces of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing may be labeled the easy money maker, but before you jump in solely on the phrase “Easy money” you should look into all of the different programs available. One may suit you better than another, and it may not necessarily be the “easy Money” method.

Affiliate marketing is the best place to begin when you want to get your feet wet in online business. It works out so well for first timers because you do not need to have a product to sell, you simply advertise other companies product, and get paid to do so. So you are not even having to sell another’s product, all you need to do is promote it and every time a customer buys from said company by way of your work, you get paid for it.

There are many different methods to use when leading potential clients to an affiliates page. Automation of many of the methods involved will help you get the job done, and save you time as well. Most of your work will come in during setting up the program, once everything is set to your satisfaction you can sit back and watch your program to it’s job. Potential customers who visit your site will read your promotional material, then click on the business’s site, wa-la your job is done.

Network marketing is sometimes involved in affiliate marketing, and though it may sound a bit intimidating it is actually quite simple. It is simply the process of getting paid to recruit others to the affiliate program. Once you have recruited someone you can get paid a percentage of the sales that the person you recruited is responsible for. It will not affect your recruits pay at all, you pay is an addition to the recruits pay. So by bringing in other promoters for an affiliate, you are making more money through those you have brought into the affiliate program. It is not confusing if you think of it like a chain, each link is connected but independent as well.

When you begin to get into recruiting and making money this way you are entering what is called multi-level marketing or MLM. A well constructed MLM is when the bulk of company wealth comes from sales of product belonging to the company. Some companies generate their wealth through payments made through fees paid by recruits, or payments for promotional items, these are programs you will want to avoid. The best programs for you to get involved with are the ones that make their money by the product they sell.

If you join a program that makes it’s money by it’s recruits then you will be boarding a sinking ship. Eventually those later joining members will lose out, because the only money coming n is from it’s promoters, there is no product to sell. Everyone cannot profit without money coming in from external sources. There should never be to many levels paying you. It might seem like a great money source for you, but the truth is there is less for those in the lower levels.

You want to look for the programs that pay only up to three levels. This is the normal payment level. You can legitimately make money from these programs and will not get buried under one recruit after another until the only ones to profit are those in the early stages. An honest affiliate program pays only a few levels down because this is the most fair share of the income. A three level is ideal because it gives everyone involved a good share of the income, and does not leave the recruits further down the chain feeling cheated.

If you are ready to roll your sleeves up and put the time and energy into promoting and advertising then you will earn more money. Everyone has had to put the work in at one time or another. Cash does not roll down some magical hill and into your lap. Put the work into it in the beginning and in the end maybe you can sit back and watch it work for you. Some programs make it easier for you than others, it is up to you which program you choose. Do you research and join the program that you fill will work best for you.